Models / Renderings
For quite some years now I produced 3D-Content, especially for realtime rendering; from single models for games to whole maps in games. Privatly I often do vehicles of many kinds in 3D, later architecture and cityscapes got added.

Record breaking aircraft
Design+Model, 2015

Design+Model, 2012

Design+Model, 2012

Design+Model, 2011

East Habour
Model, 2011

Design+Model, 2010

Berlin Mitte
Model, 2010

Star Trek Ships
Models, 2010

Elite Ships
Design+Models, 2010


Death Star
Model, 2009

Red Baron
Model, 2009

Meeting of Universes
Models, 2007

EAS Gauss
Design+Model, 2007

I started creating maps for the Half-Life-Mod Counter-Strike in 2002. Years later I also made some maps for the Source Engine (Half-Life 2 etc.). Those however were only intended as pure interactive scenes ('Picture Mapping') and do not contain any enemies or game targets.

  Harz (EP2 Source Engine, 2016)

When creating this map I wanted to archieve a atmosphere that reminded me of the winter maps of Project IGI. Or maybe it is a reinterpretation of my older map de_buran. It is supposed to show seclusion, but also idyllic scenes in a cold, wide landscape. Just pure landscape would have been too boring though, so as a dominating feature I added a railway bridge and some other signs of civilisation.


  Eiswerder (EP2 Source Engine, 2015)

The setting of this map is inspired by a real place: the island Eiswerder (and its surroundings) in Berlin Spandau. But its not a 1:1-translation, but a new interpretation. It is a slightly decayed place, dominated by old industrial buildings, but it is radiating a certain idyllic atmosphere. On this map I worked over a year in total (with breaks in between).



  Lobby (EP2 Source Engine, 2014)

A station hall for a railway station in art deco / mid century look. This was my first slightly bigger map for the Source Engine with which I immediately tried to find the limits of what the engine can do in terms of details, shaders, light and shadow. I wanted to add a whole Trainstation as well but never finished it. There is some shader errors in it I could not solve, so it could look even a bit better than it is.


  de_buran (Counter-Strike, 2004)

The Idea for this map was to create a scene I envisioned for quite some time. The map depicts a region a bit outside of a smaller city maybe in Siberia; there are only 3 structures, a log cabin, a railway house, and a small warehouse at a road tunnel. All the rest of the map is basicly landscape, which was quite an archievment in the very limited engine Counter-Strike ran on. The name 'Buran' is russian and means "snow storm". There is no snow storm in it (mainly because the engine didn't allow it) but I think its easy to imagine such thing happen there quite often.

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Gameplay Video (Sialgamer @ youtube)

  fy_spanishville (Counter-Strike, 2003)

A collaborational project with superbia, a member of my clan of the time. It depicts a mediterranean-looking village or small town in spain (despite 'Forza Italia'-signs :)). It is a relatively small map, the opponents can meet each other after only some seconds. This map is a fancy remake of the tiny fun map cs_bloodstrike which was popular at the time. It is intended to surpass the original by far in terms of looks and gameplay.


  de_nuclear (Counter-Strike, 2002)

This was my first proper map for Counter-Strike. The story behind it includes a group of terrorists that managed to enter a nuclear missile silo in the western USA. They however got stopped by a counter terrorist unit and now the second batch of terrorists try to finish the mission and blow up servers or the missile.


  cs_bloodstrike2k (Counter-Strike, 2002)

A remake of the at the time well known funmap cs_bloodstrike, with better textures and improved gameplay. The setting is a desert place - sure enough with de_dust-textures, but it still looked way better than the original. Also the gameplay is less one-sided compared to the original, giving the players more options to move.

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  godz_map (Counter-Strike, 2002)

My very first map. And already such a great success :). It is basicly two rooms with some cover and 12 startpoints each. Also some extremly well made open containers, for happy grenade throwing. And a tunnel underneath it all, glowing myteriously blue and red. A typical starters map? The gameplay said yes, but it did look quite well for the time...