Who made this?

My name is Frank Neumann; on the internet I am usually using the nicknames Triton or Wunderknabe.

Born 1987 in the beautiful Mecklenburg Lake Plateau (north-east of Germany), moved to Berlin to study architecture and work as a graphic artist/photo editor.
So my expertise is mainly in the graphical area - I earn my money using Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom etc. Additional I have a great interest in a lot of other topics ranging from 3D-visualizing over coding to projects that are woodworking and/or mechanical engineering. This is also the main purpose of this website: to document my progress in all of these areas and to act as a showcase for my best pieces of from all areas.

My Youtube Channel | My Website about coding in QBasic and BlitzBasic (german)


You want to reach me about relevant topics? Then write me at