The coolest folding Knife - Pantographic "Paratrooper" Knife

After the short "Teaser"-video of the 3D-printed Pantographic Letteropener now here the presentation of the so far final product. Made with a proper blade from spring steel, parts of the mechanism from cnc-machined aluminium, scales on the handle and other smaller parts 3d-printed. In addition a lot of manual work and a total of 3 prototypes, over 8 months total - and the result is I think the most professional and best looking project I have ever made real.


The first video about the spring powered bow went alright so I decided to make an improved version and make a Video of it as well of course. And also a new entry for this thing in the DIY Projects. There I also provide the full plans I build this bow after.

Spring powered Bow, Mark II

Compact Bow

new DIY Projects!

New stuff in the DIY-Projects, like the Map of Europe in Squares - with correct proportions, which was well liked on Reddit. Also a new video to another new project: a bow that is powered by coilsprings.

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